Hong Kong Art Investment


The art market is a complex, opaque market, and is now more dynamic and more global than ever. This rapidly changing context presents multiple, and ever- increasing opportunities for investors in art, but also presents certain possible pitfalls to be avoided. To minimize risk and maximize potential, seasoned investors collectors and astute new buyers alike require, specialist guidance on the current market. Elliot James & Tyndal’s art consultation and advisory services have been formed from our extensive experience in the field, and in direct response to the conditions of today’s market.


In recent years, there has been a positive reappraisal of the benefits that investing in art affords an entirely new generation of collector’s have entered the arena, while existing collectors are in a position to reappraise their assets in this enterprising new context. Understanding that our clients have a range of motivations, from wanting to benefit from the emotional and social value of art, also to enjoy it as a luxury good, or seeking portfolio diversification and investment returns, Elliot James & Tyndal can and will tailor our services to our valued client’s specific needs.


With our extensive contacts within the art world we can often source particular works, whether privately or in the commercial domain, for client’s with neither the access or time to do so. For those who do not want the risk, exposure, or fees of the auction rooms, we offer an excellent alternative for those looking to buy and sell paintings within our specialist area. We have the facility to buy paintings directly from clients, or alternatively take them on consignment to sell on their behalf at an agreed price. Much of our business is performed privately so as not to expose works to the open market, which can often affect their value adversely.

Art Investment in Hong Kong


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